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Add colour, texture, warmth and love into your next renovation with carefully selected and expertly fitted upholstery and soft furnishings.

Services tailored to any property, every budget

“Quote from client” – Massimo Vignelli

Explore the magic that upholstery and soft furnishings can bring to your  home

Often seen as the ‘finishing touches’ – I believe the textiles in your home are the unsung heroes. They work so hard to pull a room together, to add depth and comfort to your space, and to bring your own style and personality into the space. 

Zoe Miller Interiors upholstery services 

Refreshing an old piece of furniture, or upcycling the perfect item is a practical, sustainable and rewarding way to style your home. 

With so many beautiful fabrics available you know that upholstery is the solution. I adore upholstery for all of the reasons mentioned. It feels like pure magic to create something new and gorgeous from something pre-loved and in need of a spruce. 

At Zoe Miller Interiors, I only use quality fabric, from suppliers I trust. And I can work with a wide range of budgets so don’t be put off if you think your budget is too low. 

For seating, I work with small stools, bespoke benches all the way to big family sofas. And I also create stunning headboards and pelmets to give a luxury feel to bedrooms and windows. 

If you have something you’d love to bring life back to, get in touch and let’s get started. 

Zoe Miller Interiors soft furnishing services 

What exactly ARE soft furnishings? 

Simply put, soft furnishings are the textiles you have in your home. Sometimes practical, sometimes decorative, they add so much to any room. 

Cushions, curtains, blinds are the main soft furnishing features I work with, but if you have something else in mind please get in touch. 

Depending on what you need, I source, design, make and fit soft furnishings depending on what you need to bring your rooms alive.

I can also design bespoke rugs, runners and lampshades so get in touch if those appeal, too.


You draw them in the evenings to keep the room feeling warm and snug. And open them in the morning to let the light and breeze flow in. But curtains are so much more than a stylish vent. Chosen right and they frame your room, bringing all the colours and textures together. 

Together we work out the style, size and heading that gives you the look and feel for your room and then the whole sourcing, design and fitting process begins. 

pencil pleat
double pinch pleat
cartridge pleat
goblet pleat
wave pleat


Dressing a window often requires a blind instead of curtains, or to complement your choice of curtains. Keep them simple for a classic finish, or go for something in a bold print to add a touch of drama and intrigue. 

There are four blind fittings I work with, and don’t worry if you’re not sure which one is right for you. We cover all of that in the consultation session. 

Roman blinds (Bonded or Blackout linings)
Roller blinds (blackout, dimout and sheer)
Perfect Fit Roller Blinds
Wooden Venetian Blinds


I love creating lines and interest along sofas and armchairs with beautiful cushions. When you find the perfect cushion, it really does bring everything together. The cherry on top to the hard work you’ve put in to create a beautiful room. 

If you’re looking for a bespoke, unique cushion designed and made just for you, I can help you choose the fabric and styles that match your vision perfectly. Or I can help you source cushions from stores that fall perfectly in line with your design goals. 

Either way, get in touch and we can talk it through.

Oxford edge
Piped edge

Curtain tracks and poles

They might not be as exciting as the curtains they hold, but the choice of track really does make a huge difference to the look and feel of your window area. 

I’ll help you make the right choice for the shape and size of your window, and can source and fit the tracks from my selection of preferred suppliers. 

 (brands) and we deliver and fit too.

Silent Gliss
Cameron Fuller
Hallis Hudson
Rolls Galleria

Zoe Miller Upholstery and Soft Furnishings services  deliver peace of mind and effortless expertise to create the perfect room you’ve been dreaming of

You want your rooms to look and feel perfect…

But trying to create ‘perfection’ by yourself can be hard. Second guessing, overwhelm and thousands of options at your fingertips can lead to more questions and decisions to make – not less. 

If you’re worried about making mistakes, choosing the wrong fabric or spending too much money on something you don’t love, it’s time to get some guidance and support so you can get it right. 

“Quote from client” – Massimo Vignelli


I choose suppliers based on range, quality and price. With these suppliers in my little black book, you can be sure your completed projects will look amazing, and fit your budget.