Classic, contemporary, sustainable design with you at its heart

Interior design throughout Glasgow and the West of Scotland 

Make your space YOUR happy place with beautiful, functional design. 

From a single room refresh, to a complete re-development, interior design is the essential ingredient to turn your house into a home you love. 

Zoe Miller Interiors specialises in contemporary, classic designs, blending your unique style and personality with gorgeous finishing touches. 

Zoe Miller Interior Designer

I’m Zoe Miller, the face and name of Zoe Miller Interiors. When you arrange a consultation or home visit, it’s me who’ll walk through your door. I think it’s important to introduce myself, so you can get a feel for who I am and how I can help you. 

The first thing you’ll notice about me when we start working together is that I listen to you. I won’t walk into your space and take over. Our work together is a collaboration – and we both want the same outcome.

To create a space for you that looks and feels incredible. 

“Investing in your home is an investment in your own enjoyment. Your home is an expression of who you are and how you like to live.” 

Upholstery & soft furnishings: the beating heart of any room.

The biggest mistake clients make with soft furnishings, upholstery and textiles is leaving them to the end of the refurbishment. 

By then, it’s too late. 

Traditionally seen as the ‘finishing touches’ – you can struggle to find the right look to match the paint, carpets or furniture you’ve agonised over.

Bring me in at the start of your project, and I’ll help you design the room in an effortless way. I do the hard work of sourcing the finishes, and together we work out the most beautiful and affordable path towards the room of your dreams. 

Interior design projects and management

From design or colour consultations to full project management. Bring me in at the beginning to make your dreams become reality for your next project. 

When I’m on board, I’ll help you avoid the frustrations of ever-growing costs and mistakes that take up valuable time. I’ll lay the project time-line out and give you actionable steps or recommendations to get you through to completion. 

If you need help building a design or construction team, I have my own contacts who come with a Zoe Miller stamp of approval. With 15 years of experience working in and around Glasgow, I have built a strong network of wonderful craftspeople, skilled tradesmen and talented professionals to support commercial projects on small or large scales. 

Commercial design projects throughout Glasgow 

I’m proud of the commercial projects I’ve collaborated on in and around the city of Glasgow. From strategic consultation at the development stage to designing fabrics and fitting soft furnishings – I roll my sleeves up and get stuck into the work. 

From designing and fitting soft furnishings and upholstery for restaurants to working on projects for the SEC and BBC. I can deliver it all.

Interior design + sustainability

My style is contemporary and fresh, yet classic and timeless. Clients come to me so they can blend a sophisticated look with their own personal style and taste.

I thread the concept of sustainability into every project I work on. The fabrics and materials I use are made to last and chosen to complement your room as it evolves over time.

I’m also keen to use recycled materials and upcycled furniture, and I’m keen to reuse or reimagine your items wherever I can. 

Gorgeous interior design for spaces to fall in love with 

As you can see, the work I do is all about creating spaces that you love. Working with me will mean you not only get a home that lives up to your high standards, but it will also meet the needs and demands of your life within those those walls.